Can road transport be even quicker? It certainly can!

Transport specialist

We transport all your shipments trouble-free:

Air cargo
Besides requiring special transport equipment, hauling air cargo also calls for a rigorous timetable. With an on-time delivery performance of over 99%, Interport is well able to meet this requirement.

High-value cargo such as high-tech and medical equipment
When it comes to the transport of high-value cargo, it is above all the security of your shipment — besides speed — that needs to be taken care of. Whether it be the transport of blood plasma, sensitive medical equipment, a Rolls-Royce jet engine or a batch of Rolex watches. Our TAPA-A certification is your reassurance that your shipment is in safe hands with us.

There are few products in the world where reliability and quality of transport play a more vital role than with pharmaceuticals. Whether it is vaccines, pills or blood plasma, our employees and drivers are trained to deliver these products in the same condition as when they were loaded. Interport meets the GDP guidelines drawn up for the transport of pharmaceuticals. In order to keep the temperature within its desired range during transit and to guarantee the quality of the product the cargo is transported in trailers with calibrated cooling engines.

Clothing, whether on hangers or in pallets or boxes
Interport specializes in the transport of fashion. We have trucks specially equipped for on-hanger transportation, so all clothing arrives at its destination in optimum condition. As we transport fashion for many years already we are able to guarantee the transit times you require.

Temperature-controlled transport
Some types of shipment require extra attention necessary and have to be transported at a constant temperature. This applies not only to pharmaceuticals and other high-value goods requiring to be transported at controlled temperatures. Interport is entirely geared up to meet this need. Our temperature-controlled trucks ensure that your shipment reaches its destination safely, on time and in optimum condition.

Express services
For instance, Interport runs a daily express service to Madrid with a transit time of 24 hours.
We realize more than anyone that sometimes transport of goods can be time sensitive, and this is just where our fast and efficient service comes into its own. Because of our staff speaking the local languages and of our extensive network in Spain and Portugal, the communication lines are short and every shipment gets to its destination within a short transit time.

For further information, please contact the Sales department.


Scheduled services

From the Netherlands to Spain, Portugal and Italy

Interport specializes in providing scheduled services with set departure and arrival times from the Netherlands to Spain, Portugal and Italy. You are assured of capacity on our trucks all year round, and of guaranteed arrival times for your cargo. On all our scheduled services you can select a service with two drivers and sometimes even with three: the guaranteed transit time is even shorter.

Our scheduled services

Amsterdam <-> Barcelona
Amsterdam <-> Madrid
Amsterdam <-> Lisbon
Amsterdam <-> Porto
Amsterdam <-> Milan


Interport offers transportation on a full-truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) basis.

Our FTL service does not only leave when you want it to, but it also arrives at the time you indicate, since you can always select between one, two, or three drivers.

Interport offers LTL trucks based on scheduled service. This makes Interport one of the few companies that offers a high frequency consolidation service with a guaranteed, very short transit time on scheduled service to Spain,Portugal and Italy.

Tailor-made solutions

Our goal is simple: We think together with you in everything

Should your logistic requirements for Spain and Portugal are not met by our standard solutions, we will be happy to come up with a custom made solution for you.

Knowledge and experience is absolutely essential to ensure that the whole transport runs smoothly, especially in the likes of Spain and Portugal.
Interport offers perfectly-coordinated transport solutions — for almost all types of shipments — that meet your specific requirements.



Interport has the equipment necessary to transport your cargo. We normally work with controlled temperature trailers. We can provide covered trailers on demand.

In addition, we offer within our fleet the following options:
• Megatrailers
• Rollerbed
• Bitemperature
• Double-stack
• Garments on-hanger transport